The Transfer Place

Preserving Memories Everyday

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We digitally transfer your videotapes, 35mm slides and photographs to the latest DVD technology. Besides film and videotape transfers, we also offer professional high-resolution photo, slide and document scanning. For sentimental reasons we want to preserve our movies forever, however, yesterday's image technology will fail someday. Don't let all your irreplaceable, priceless videotapes and photos slowly fade away. It's a fact that magnetic tape can completely deteriorate in less than 12 years to a point where it is unwatchable. As time goes on, our snapshot colors weaken, often gaining a red color cast, while black & white photos change to gray and pale areas wash out. There is something special about every old image, and they should be preserved for the next generation. Before your precious memories fade, transfer them now.

If you’re the owner of videotapes, 35mm slides or old photos and wish to have them preserved for you and your children, consider a transfer now. Time and the environment are waiting to destroy those precious memories. Is it really worth waiting to transfer your memories?