Slideshow Presentation


We can transfer your 35mm slides, negatives, prints, or digital files to a special video DVD presentation. Once complete you will be able to insert the disc into your DVD player to view your photos as if you were watching a movie. One DVD will store up to 500 photos. Special music and a menu with chapter titles are added to the show for extra meaning and easy navigation. Our customers have photomontages made of special moments like birthdays, vacations, weddings or other memorable occasions. Let us transfer the boxes of photos and slides that have been collecting dust so that you and your family can enjoy them again on your living room TV.

To make your new slideshow more enjoyable, we use special transition effects between photos such as raindrops or clouds flying through and fading. Also, if you want we can bring your stills to life by using pan and zoom effects of the image. You may have seen this technique on professionally made documentaries.

Slideshow Packages Include:

  • Up to 500 photos per DVD (photos/slides/digital files).
  • Custom chapter menus (tell us how to title your photo collection).
  • Slideshow includes standard music chosen from our music guide.
  • Slideshows can incorporate your favorite music or a song with special meaning. Send us your music CD with your order.
  • We can also purchase music for you online if available.

Preparation and Shipping Instructions:

  • Tell us the title of your show.
  • If you want your photos/slides to appear in a certain order, please number them.
  • Separate your photos into sections (chapters) and tell us your title.
  • Refer to our option pages if you have a music or menu background preference.
  • Carefully pack all your photos and use a shipper that offers a traceable shipment.

Slide Show Options: